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Breathwork Teacher Training

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breathwork teacher training

Breathwork teacher training is designed to give people the confidence and ability to lead breathwork sessions. It also gives participants a variety of techniques and practices they can use to help themselves, their clients, and their students heal and evolve on a deep level.

Best For: Those who want to learn about modern breathwork techniques and how to facilitate sessions for individuals and couples. Course Structure & Duration: 7 days of live Zoom calls and self-study with session recordings sent out after each call.

Why We Recommend It: Whether you’re an experienced breathwork facilitator or new to it, this comprehensive online breathwork teacher training will give you the foundational knowledge needed to guide breathwork sessions and teach others to do so as well. The course is a great value and you’ll be able to take the training at your own pace, as it is offered in self-paced mode.

Breathwork Teacher Training: How to Become a Certified Instructor and Help Others Harness the Power of Breathwork

Taryn’s teaching is thorough, practical, and inspirational. She combines the theory aspects of breathwork with deep physiological and anatomical knowledge.

Her courses are well-organized and very easy to follow, making it easy for anyone to complete them regardless of their experience with breathwork or Pranayamas. She’s a truly talented instructor and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning more about Breathwork.

The Breath Zone offers a breathwork teacher training program that is divided into 2 modules: Basics and One-on-One Breathwork, and How to Facilitate Couples and Groups. Those who attend both will receive the certification for teaching breathwork.

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