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Anti Termite Treatment in Malaysia

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Termites are one of the most common pests in Malaysia. They cause RM40 million in structural damage annually. Their activity can go unnoticed for weeks and months. The damage can be severe.

What kills termites naturally?

There are several types of termite treatment. Some of them include baiting systems and soil termiticides. Baiting systems are much cheaper than soil termiticides.

For larger properties, more time and resources are required to do the job. A good company has all the necessary equipment. You should also consider the type of pest infestation. If the problem is not serious, a basic treatment may be all that you need. Link :

Depending on the severity of the infestation, you may need to do more treatments. This may increase the cost of treatment.

Termite control in Malaysia involves various methods. The basic procedure includes the application of chemicals to the soil around the house. When the chemicals are absorbed by the soil, they kill the termites.

During termite control in Malaysia, the operator will spray the chemical around the perimeter of the property. Several small, discreet monitoring stations will be set up near the property. These stations will be monitored regularly by termite experts.

One of the most effective anti-termite treatments in Malaysia is liquid termiticide treatment. It creates an impregnated, odourless barrier around the property. Since the Treated Zone is non-toxic, subterranean termites cannot detect it.

Termite dusting and kapping is another effective method of protection. Several companies provide this service.

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