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What You Should Know About Body Jewelry

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Body jewelry is made to adorn the human body. It comes in many forms and can be worn by men and women of all ages. It is used for various reasons, including fashion, spirituality and health.

Why shouldnt you shower with jewelry?

Body jewelry is often made of a wide variety of materials. The most common materials are metals and plastic. However, if you have allergies, choose a hypoallergenic material.

If you are looking for something different, you can wear jewelry made of semi-precious stone or wood. They are durable and beautiful. They should be treated carefully, though. If the jewelry is damaged, it may break. Link :

You can also purchase acrylic or polymer jewelry. These are commonly available in a wide range of colors. You should check the supplier before purchasing these. This is because these materials degrade if they come into contact with alcohol or autoclaves.

If you are interested in a new style, you can also consider buying jewelry that is designed for ear piercings. However, this type of jewelry is never implant quality. It may have sharp edges and areas that trap fluids.

In addition, you should always make sure the body piercing jewelry is sized correctly. The wrong gauge can cause pain and discomfort. Fortunately, a piercer is able to tell you what gauge is best. You can use an average sizing chart to help you decide.

You should not wear any body jewelry while you are swimming. It can shard and become embedded in other parts of your body.

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