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Dermatology at Columbia Doctors

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dermatology team

Providing the highest quality of care, the dermatology team at Columbia Doctors Dermatology is unique. The practice offers a wide range of subspecialties and is known for its innovative approach to skin disease treatment.

The team provides a variety of services, including cosmetic procedures, medical dermatology, and surgical care. They also offer state-of-the-art procedures to treat skin cancer and other conditions. The department has an impressive record in worldwide clinical and investigative dermatology.

In addition to providing excellent care, the Dermatology team also aims to improve skin health through research. A major focus is on the prevention of skin cancer. They provide advice on sun safety and the best ways to protect your skin.

What does Voluma™ do

They offer a variety of services, including laser surgery, facial aesthetic surgery, Mohs micrographic surgery, and non-invasive body contouring. They also offer an adolescent and pediatric dermatology unit, which provides comprehensive skin care for children.

They are also experts in the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders, including psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, and alopecia areata. They are also experienced in treating nail disorders. They are able to choose the best cosmetic approach for each patient.

They can also treat infections caused by bacteria or other internal problems. They can also treat warts, persistent warts, and other benign growths.

The Skin and Cancer Unit is another example of how the department combines the European tradition of 19th-century dermatology with the evolving biomedical science of the 21st century. Its accomplishments have resulted in global recognition and a host of important dermatologic organizations.

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