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The Importance of a Caster

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The caster angle, also known as castor angle, is the angular displacement of the steering axis from the vertical axis of the steering wheel. This angle can be measured from either side of a vehicle. This angle is critical for the handling and stability of a vehicle. When measuring a vehicle’s caster angle, always remember to check from the side.

What are Levelling castors?

The fine granulated sugar known as caster sugar is highly valued by British bakers. This type of sugar is also sold as superfine sugar in the U.S. Its fine texture makes it a great choice for whipping cream mixtures, meringue, and sponges. It dissolves faster than granulated sugar and is ideal for use in light desserts.

Although regular white sugar is easier to work with than caster, it’s best to avoid over-processing because you’ll end up with powdered sugar that you can’t use. Also, regular sugar won’t create as uniform granules as caster. This can make your recipe less than perfect.

A good caster should be able to withstand a wide range of weights. If you are trying to carry more than 100 pounds of weight, a heavy duty caster may be necessary. However, if the weight is not too heavy, a light-duty caster might be sufficient.

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